Ehdis Plastic Blade Triumph 1.5″ Scraper



Color: scraper + blade what is the plastic razor blades? the plastic razor blades is the best tool to remove stickers and decals from delicate or plastic surfaces. Designed to give extra value, the double-edged razors with 100 extra double sided blades that is perfect to remove stickers in tight and confined spaces what does the plastic razor do? removes stickers from plastic surfaces most decal removal tools cannot be used on plastic as they can harm the surface. The double-edged razor blades is perfect for bumpers, motorbikes and motor cycles or any plastic surface easy to use simply open the packet, attach one of plastic razor blades and start removing car stickers built to last to make sure our products last as long as the job takes, you get an extremely durable razor blade, sturdy handle for extra grip and 100 blade edges frequently asked questions how wide is the plastic razor blade? the blade is approximately 1. 5 inches wide will i cut my fingers if the razor blade is plastic? the razor blade is sharp enough to get under the stickers edge, but will not cut or damage your fingers. Perfect to avoid legalpensation claims can i use it on my cars painted surfaces? yes – as the plastic blade is made from plastic, so it’s safe for virtually all surfaces


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