1. 5 million pixels with Panasonic Japan COMS Sensor;

2. This product has 5 megapixel camera and 720p video recording, and press the mode key to switch. The mode button is for mode switching, the default for the photo mode, press one time switch to video mode, press another time switch to the preview mode, cyclic switching;

3. This product provides 8 times digital zoom, press the up or down keys can be digital zoom in or out, long press to fast zoom in or out, short press is for partial zoom in or out for one time;

4. This product provides HDMI HD video output interface, the output size is 60Hz. 720P;

5. This product provides free drive 1080P 30 frames / sec HD video output;

6. This product supports a key image freeze / thaw function, after the boot press the on/off key to achieve the function of freezing and thawing;

7. This product provides a marking function, four horizontal lines and 4 vertical lines, can support the lines optional and removal, and can display lines’ color, setting and thickness adjustable, also providing cross cursor center display;

8. Support for automatic and manual exposure;


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