Hantek DC Power Supply HDP135V6A/B 35V/6A



  • Four digit display voltage and current, resolution up to 10mV/1mA;
  • Standard USB quick charging function, 5-12V output, supporting a variety of quick charging protocols;

  • 10 groups of data storage/retrieval functions;
  • AC input voltage 230/115V switch, universal;
  • Fully isolated serial port, software support multiple power supply control, easy to set up measurement and control or aging system;
  • Over voltage, over current, overload, overheating, short circuit protection functions;
  • Low noise temperature control fan, quiet and durable;
  • 35V/6A output is stable and pure; On/Off output control, one-key panel lock function to prevent misoperation;
  • Constant voltage (CV)/ constant current (CC) mode automatic switch, effectively protect the circuit;
  • Two-stage adjustment topology, no impact on the load when the power is turned on;
  • Ultra-thin body, light and easy to carry, excellent indicators, excellent quality, stable performance, strong durability.


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