Hot Air Gun YAXUN 852D+



  • Tempetature of hot air: 150°c–500°c adjustable
  • TempetatureSoldering of soldering iron: 200°c–480°c adjustable
  • if your country use 110V POWER,We can change for you
  • sign and output vol tage 24V guarantees the electronic elements and personal safety
  • This hot air soldering station allows disoldering IC such as SOIC, PLCC, QFP and BG. vaxun 852D+FAN is a good solution for repairing small electronics, such as mobile phones and video cameras, domestic appliances, as well as development and design. besides, plastic pipes can be formed and soldered, plastic details modelled, and thermal shrinkage performed. the working space is optimized due to the absence of thick pipe.


    • Digital indication of working temperature
    • Large temperature scale
    • Ceramic heating element
    • None vibrations and noise while working
    • Unique cooling system
    • Auto-sleep function


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