Iron KOOCU KC-101



This tools is suitable for holding PCB during soldering. It’s strong and has a very high heat resistance capability. It can easily be moved from one place to another on the workspace.

  • PCB Holder Scraper for Cell Phone Circuit Board Repair Clamp Fixture Stand Scraper Tools SMD Soldering Platform
  • Compact design and lightweight Adjustable screw locking design, convenient to install or remove Easy to operate Suitable for phone or PCB board repairing or disassembling
  • Package Size: 20.0 * 18.0 * 13.0 ( cm )
  • Adjust up and down movement of the card can get the best mouth width and intensity.
  • Mounted circuit boards should first be placed in the circuit board side of the mouth with a spring card, push back and then do another circuit card is placed in activity block, screws, can work.
  • Can be fixed with self tapping screws in the table.
  • Removable card with three mouths choose the best card on the board position.
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Gross Weight: approx. 169G


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