Japan GOOT welding tip Replacement Part



GOOT is a famous brand in Japan, CS-20/30RT tips manufacturing technology skills, strength, durable, which is the other low-cost products can not match.

How to make the soldering tip more durable?

1. When using a new soldering tip, the first, temperature was adjusted to 250°C, repeat coated the tin for about 8 minutes.
2. After use, wait until the temperature down, coated the soldering tip with tin is sealed to prevent oxidation.
3.For already oxidized iron head, cleaning with a low activity flux, and then coated repeatedly with new solder.
This type of welding tip is used for GOOT soldering iron that model is CS-20R/21/30/31, and we offer 3 optiong to select, they are CS-20/30RT-SB, CS-20/30RT-2C, CS-20/30RT-3C, please look the real photo and select the option you want.


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