Taking high-quality photos just got easier thanks to the 32 cm Ring Supplementary Lamp without a tripod and remote control. It is distinguished by its affordable price and bright light, which allows you to shoot colorful videos and take professional photos.

The lamp is equipped with 400 LEDs, which are distinguished by their high quality and long service life. They create bright and soft light without any flicker, so your eyes will not get tired even after long videos. You can control the lamp using the remote control, which will allow you to select the required operating mode from a distance, adjust the brightness and temperature of the light, and turn off the device.

  • Smooth adjustment of brightness and temperature of the glow with a convenie
  • 3 kinds of color temperature mode: warm, cold, neutral with smooth adjustme
  • Rotates 360 degrees in all planes
  • Comes with a flexible phone holder that fits most smartphone


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