Mechanic Icharge 8 Pro Wireless Charge



MECHANICiCharge 8 Pro Smart Wireless Quick Charger 8A High Current Design 7 USB ports, 1 PD port, the maximum output can reach 2.4A, and supports 9 devices to charge at the same time. QC 3.0 + PD Protocol Fast Charge Humanized design, equipped with multiple ports, intelligently compatible with mainstream models. Revolutionary Charging Speed ​​QC 3.0 fast charging speed is increased by more than 25% compared with ordinary charging. (To realize QC 3.0 fast charging, a data cable with fast charging function is required.) Smart Wireless Charge Using advanced wireless fast charging technology, bid farewell to the charging cable, 10W wireless fast charging experience. Core Technology in Wireless Charging Bold the coil, speed up 52%, wireless charging is one step faster. Smart LCD Display Digital display of current and voltage, real-time monitoring of charging status. Multiple Protection & Safer Charging Overcharge protection / Overvoltage protection / Overcurrent protection / Short circuit protection / Temperature protection / Overpower protection / Anti-ripple protection / Anti-static protection


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