Mobile Phone Small Screwdriver Set Cross Driver



Features: 360 degree rotation: The tail cap of the screwdriver handle can rotate 360 ​​degrees, which is convenient for work. Cross screwdriver head: The screwdriver can remove the internal cross screws of the full range of iPhones and other mobile phones. Tweezers: The set comes with elbow tweezers, which are suitable for extracting small parts at narrow places. Suction cup: The disassembly kit comes with a ring suction cup, removable mobile phone, tablet computer screen. Prying piece: A triangular prying piece is included in the set, which is suitable for prying mobile phone cases, tablet computers, game consoles, toys and oysters. Specifications: Material:Chromium vanadium alloy steel Function:Mobile Phone Small Screwdriver Set includes: 2pcs * Screwdriver 1 *Tweezers 2pcs *Prying Piece 1 *Suction Cup


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