NASAN NA-SP1 Intelligent LCD Separate Machine



Product Function:

1. LCD Touch Screen Glass separator/remover;

2. Can be used as a heating plate,Separating parts with glue like: frame, home key, Telephone network, camera apron etc;

3. Fast separating, 30 S/Pcs;

4. Built in vacuum pump, stronger suction;

5. Suitable for all touch screen smart phones in the market: for IP, samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, XiaoMi


Product Information:

Product Name :  LCD separator machine

Model :  NA-SP1

Type :  Built In vacuum pump

Specification :  110V/220V Optional EU/USA/UK Optional

Equipment /Packing size:  360*210*160 mm/370*220*170mm

Net/Gross Weight:  3kg/3.5kg

Packing :  Carton box


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