Qianli Super Cam X thermal imaging camera




The Qianli Super Cam X is an IR camera specifically designed for detecting thermal hot-spots on small PCBs.

The feed is visible by hooking up the camera to a Windows host via USB-C, then installing the dedicated software thats downloadable on the bottom of this product page. From within the application you can perform plenty of operations, amongst others automatically adjusting contrast, calculating temperature curves and exporting footage to JPG or MP4.

Devices to be inspected can be placed onto the anti-static heat resistant mat on the base. However, its camera unit can be detached and mounted onto a regular camera stand, which allows monitoring devices without using the base as well.


Temperature measurement range -20℃ – 120℃
Thermal resolution 260 x 200 px (52k)
Camera angle 42° x 32°
Display mode infrared
Heat measurement distance 2 mm up to ∞
Sample comparison
3D thermal field distribution
Regional temperature curve calculation
Connectivity USB-C
Temperature accuracy ± 5°C or ± 5%
Other features high temp alert
Detector type Uncooled vanadium oxide (VOx) detector
Image output resolution 640 x 480 px
Output filetype MP4, JPG
Input voltage 5 V
Power consumption 250 mW peak
Weight 435 g


The Super Cam X comes by default with:

  • Base
  • Base bracket
  • Allen wrench
  • USB-C cable

The camera stand in the last photo is for illustration purposes only.


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