Relife RL-056A Glue Remover Tool



Relife RL-506A glue remover tool clean machine LCD screen rpair electtro motor for mobile phone

Operating principle: Use a thin needle to roll up the screen OCA glue. The screen can be placed on a sticky mat or screen separator before use. Holding the needle with a hand in the process of removing the glue. To clear the glue on the needle when using it, if the machine is stuck, please adjust the direction of use.
Features:1. Mobile phone LCD screen OCA glue remover.2. Easy to clean, does not hurt the screen, more convenient and safe.3. Made from qualified material, it is reliable and durable.4. Designed to remove oca glue on LCD screen.

RELIFE RL-056A Degumming Machine
. Easy to remove cold light screen · OLED · original hard plastic · OCA glue · water glue, etc.
. Say goodbye to hand gel, free of medicine, safer
. Adjustable transmission adjustable range 3-12V, higher speed and more stable
. Built-in precision steel bearings, high power motors


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