SUGON 202 2 IN 1 Soldering Station



Product parameters:

Model: SUGON-202

Maximum power: 760W

Power supply voltage: AC 220V~50Hz / 110V~60Hz

Heat gun temperature range: 100°C-500°C/ 212°F-932°F

Air mode: oil-containing motor

Air flow: 34-100L/min

Soldering iron temperature: 200°C-500°C/ 392°F-932°F

Soldering iron power: 60W


1. Direct wind and cyclone dual-mode air gun, equipped with 2 tornado nozzles and 1 direct wind nozzle, with low noise and large air volume.

2. The soldering iron has an induction dormancy function, and the soldering iron handle will automatically start to stop heating and enter dormancy when placed on the soldering iron stand.

3. High-quality integrated large-screen display.

4. Air gun and soldering iron each have three one-key quick temperature adjustment functions (that is, temperature memory)

5. Fahrenheit and Celsius display modes can be switched.


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