Sunshine RMA-229



  • SUNSHINE RMA-229-TPF (UV) Lead-free environmental solder flux [10CC syringe]

1. Imported lead-free materials, perfect formula, high quality.
2. Make of the newest rosin and other imported high-quality materials.
3. Embellish tin fast, low smoke, less residue, and surface with low insulation resistance.
4. Widely used in mobile phones, computers, graphics cards, projectors, and electronic products. For welding and rework BGA, CSP, and BGA chips, especially for high-class mobile phones, have a good run of tin and solderability.
5. Package contains one pusher, more convenient to use.

Packing Details:

1 Pcs of Sunshine RMA-229-TPF Lead-Free Environmental Solder Flux

1 Pcs of Push Handle


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