T12-11 Lead Free Soldering Iron Tip



Soldering Iron Tip for Toor T12-11 Soldering Handle, straight head/ angle head/ knife Head Iron tip for Toor T12-11 soldering station, replacement part for replacing damaged or unusable iPhone motherboard repair.

This tips is welding heater with seprate heating system, welding temperature sensor and a long life. The welding head long life by oxygen free copper, chromium, iron, tin and other parts.

Based on advanced systems, you can quickly replace the welding tips,without closing the power supply, it’s equicalent to have two equipment.The following is how to quickly replace the tips introduction.

Option: T12-I0.1, T12-I0.3, T12-I0.5, T12-K2.0, T12-H0.1, T12-H0.3, T12-C1.5, T12-C2.2, T12-D1.2, T12-D1.8, T12-D3.2, Full Set.


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